Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yummy Cupcakes!

Ok...for those of you that have been following me it would make sense that you'd be under the impression I've all but forgot about this blog...the truth is I have been experiencing  health issues over the past month that have left me a little under the weather to say the least! At this point the specialist I went to believes that I am protein deficient (a condition that has caused hair loss, involuntary shaking, passing out, hot flashes, etc) a blood panel will rule out the other contender, thyroid problems, but we are waiting to figure out an insurance solution before we any rate I have been feeling better over the past few days and wanting to get back into the kitchen! This first recipe is not really a recipe rather a commentary on some new Pillsbury products. I first heard about the new sugar-free line at my local WW meeting and waited until I saw the new goodies appear at my grocery. Currently there are only two choices of batter and two choices of frosting...but who cares when the options available taste heavenly! I tried out the sugar-free devil's food cake and topped it off with the sugar-free vanilla make things fall festive I added a bit of orange food coloring to my frosting to enhance the cute cupcake holders I found. I also added a bit of orange flavoring to enhance the vanilla and the end results are a wonderfully decadent cupcake that tastes absolutely as good as "the real thing!" These cupcakes will run you 3pts a piece but are well worth the points for a delicious dessert treat! For more information here's a link to the new products: Pillsbury