Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dilbert The Penguin

The past eight days have been hectic to say the least! Wojtek's mother willingly left the now crisp Canadian air to brave Houston for a week of celebratory birthday fun! That being said...despite all of the eating out trips I still managed to make "smart" choices for the most part and lost another 1.6lbs. I did cook for several of the nights but I relied on recipes I knew to be good and that I have already shared with you in the this post is the lone addition from the past few days of cooking. Let me begin by saying that this is NOT a WW recipe, rather it is a healthier adaptation of birthday goodness...I used healthy substitutes where possible and my only disappointment is that I could not find the Pillsbury Sugar Free cake mix and frosting at the time I prepared the cake. This creation, which I lovingly named Dilbert, is a fantastic treat to make for any upcoming birthday in your life...after seeing the joy on Wojtek's 25year old face I can only imagine how much a child would enjoy this surprise. The cake was a bit challenging to make since I have never done anything quite like this and I highly recommend having someone there to help you when the assembling of the body occurs...otherwise making Dilbert was purely fun and I highly suggest trying to make your own! Dilbert The Penguin

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