Monday, January 3, 2011

Beef Stroganoff

For the second half of our Beef Burgundy Stew creation we have the popular favorite, Beef Stroganoff. Admittedly beef stroganoff is one of my all time favorite dishes...we're talking death row last dinner as such I feel no guilt in telling you that this is by far one of the least favorite versions I've tried to date! That might be a bit harsh...the stroganoff part of the recipe is par but still lacks the usual zest of the traditional recipes leaving for a literal watered down version of our previous stew that had such robust flavor on its own. The downfall of this dish then is the use of orzo pasta in lieu of the more commonly used egg noodle....rice shaped noodles never will be able to hold the "ooh and ahh" luster of their hardier egg noodle cousin. My recommendation then would be to replace the orzo with egg noodles compensating the points difference and add a little more spice, even if just Worcestershire Sauce, to the stroganoff portion. I'll still provide link to the original recipe in case there exists a hard core orzo fan out there that is just dying to try a new rice/pasta/concoction! Happy Cooking! Beef Stroganoff

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