Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year/New Program

If anyone is still out there then you are painfully aware of my lack in dedication to keeping readers updated on my transformational culinary escapades! Since we have last met I confess to the following: hitting a plateau, gaining a few pounds back, and utterly hating that both of these coincided with the launch of the new Weight Watchers program! On principle it must be said that while the plateau was inevitable I somehow believed that it, "would not happen to me"...truthfully I thought that the weight would continue to magically melt away as it did for so many weeks. I suppose it only goes to show that even the most diligent of health conscious transformers reach the point where it does begin to come off in .04 lbs/week. Now don't get the wrong idea, I haven't piled on fifty pounds or anything close to the sort but I have gained back a fair 10-15 over this lovely holiday season (did I mention that we are a Chrismukkah household and had the full pleasure of 8 nights of fried food in addition to Christmas feasting?)...and what about this new program...the zero point/unlimited fruits and most veggies is ingenious...but did you have to make all of my favorite pasta dishes terrible?? Where does this leave us? Well, here goes my end...I hereby resolve to post as diligently as I did when I first created this push through this stupid plateau and show anyone else out there struggling that one step back most definitely does not mean you should give up...and most importantly to make 2011 the year I reach Goal! So if you're there...and if you want to resolute with me then be prepared for new recipes (Points Plus Style) and new insights on just how terribly difficult it is to learn a new trick, especially when that new trick is living a healthy life! so...Happy New Year!!!

p.s. Better make the most of 2011, it's the year before the world ends! ;)

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  1. Chrismukkah was tough on us this year but we will do much better this coming year. We'll (and by that I mean I'll) do my best to help you my love!