Monday, August 16, 2010

Peanut-Butter French Toast

Crossing fingers that the stomach bug has left the building! Hopefully our home will resume an normal cooking and more importantly eating schedule this week...feeling a hankering for something sweet I opted to make breakfast for dinner! This recipe comes from "Pure Comfort" and provides a fresh twist on the french toast classic by stuffing peanut butter in between layers of bread before dipping in the familiar vanilla egg french toast batter. The original recipe calls for the toast to be browned in butter but by replacing with cooking spray the total pts drop from 6pts per serving to 5pts! I served alongside scrambled eggs with cheese for an additional 2pts making an all around great breakfast/dinnertime meal! Do try: Peanut-Butter French Toast

Note: Wojtek caught me walking to the dining table and insisted on my posing in apron for this dish! I'm including the foodshot as well for those wanting the close-up!

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