Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Balkan Aubergines with Cheese, Salad with Fruit and Cherry Clafouti

I should first mention that I am on the second to last night of dinner rotation for the week; in an effort to make dinnertime mutually beneficial meal planning is accomplished by Wojtek and I sitting around a pile of cookbooks picking out random things to try. So for your very first peek into Weight Watchers cuisine here are last night's random pickings.

The main course is a recipe adaptation from Marlena Spieler's, "The Complete Guide To Traditional Jewish Cooking," and just so happens to be a frequent repeat. I love this dish! The official name of Balkan Aubergines with Cheese could just as easily be Eggplant Souffle. The rich taste of cheese combined with the nutmeg, cayenne pepper and toasted eggplant make for something entirely out of the realm of "diet" food yet only adds up to a mere 3 points per serving (for those of you not on WW, points are the calculation of fat, calories and fiber based on serving size.) I am still uncertain of how best to display recipes not found on WW so I'll wait until I hear feedback concerning preference, for now I am going to enter my recipes into the WW data-frame so that if you choose to make any of these dishes you will have quick access to a printer friendly recipe. The biggest changes in this dish were the use of fat free milk over whole; the use of fat free cheese over whole; and roasting the eggplant via oven broiler with only a sheen of cooking spray as opposed to the original recipe that calls for deep frying the slices in oil. So here is my version of Balkan Aubergines with Cheese

The salad I made for dinner has become a summer staple in this household; it just may be the most simple salad you have ever made that still retains a sense of being more than just your typical iceberg and ranch combo. Too simple to enter online I will just tell you what goes in it...

Salad with Fruit
1 Bag of Sweet Baby Lettuce (or any other preferred mixed green)
1 Cup of Sliced Strawberries
1/3 Cup Fresh Blueberries
2oz or 4tbsp Fat Free Feta Crumbles
2tbsp Maple Grove Farms of Vermont F.F. Balsamic Vinaigrette (0pts!)
Fresh Chives (optional) 

Toss everything together very well and serve it up! The only points in the salad come from the feta which is 2pts for the entire salad, so simply adjust your pts according to how much of the salad you eat!

For dessert think decadent, think French...I found this recipe on WW and given my love for cherries I knew it would be delicious. Apparently clafouti is a traditional French countryside dessert that is a distant cousin to Spanish Flan. First I should mention that not being a cognac drinker myself I found it quite amusing to stroll into the liquor store and head for the Courvoisier (flashback to college and Busta Rhymes I'm sure.) The results of this experiment were fantastic! The cherries were enveloped in a sweet custard that retained the smooth and distinct taste of the cognac (I feel pretty confident given the cook time that the alcohol cooks off, though I could be wrong.) The portion size is quite substantial and only 3pts per sure to try this one Cherry Clafouti
So there you have dinner last night, in three parts with a total points value of: 7! Happy Cooking!

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