Saturday, June 26, 2010

Polenta Lasagna with Beef and Ricotta Cheese

My approach to the weekend is to make a very large batch of something on Friday night and munch through it for the remainder of days; weekends are also the time when eating out occurs more since meal planning can become a bit cumbersome when combined with museum outings, beach visits and dog park duties. This weekend I opted for a dish from the, "WW From Pantry to Plate," that promised to deliver big flavor in a small point punch. I had never used polenta for lasagna before this recipe and the results were quite promising; in all honesty I think that my polenta failed to firm up due to my impatience in waiting for polenta set-up...that being said the dish was still a fantastic blend of creamy polenta and herbed lasagna ricotta mix. I used fresh basil from my little garden which added an extra bit of aromatic flavor and to top off the greatness of this Italian masterpiece, I reduced the meal from 5pts to 4pts by using 98% lean ground beef! You simply cannot go wrong with a 4pt lasagna that produces leftovers in abundance, do try Polenta Lasagna with Beef and Ricotta Cheese as I mentioned I did not wait the full 1 1/2 hours for my polenta to set up so once I cut into the dish the layers all blended together and while the taste is still phenomenal I will show you what the whole dish looked like to give you a better idea of what yours could look like if you have the patience to wait!

Pair with a simple side, such as fresh steamed asparagus, and you have a lovely Italian feast for 4pts! Happy Cooking!

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  1. Can you upload this recipe? I used to have the book but can't find it and loved this dish....