Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting Started...Sort Of

The idea for blogging about WW cooking came from my sweet Wojtek (a typical 20-something male that can eat 2 large pizzas for dinner, a box of cookies for dessert and somehow still weigh down in the morning.) His idea was that if I am going through all this trouble to adapt recipes to WW friendly standards and cook through the good and bad WW recipes then I should be sharing my experiences with others. And hopefully receive ideas back in return!

A typical week includes cooking roughly six dinner meals, various on going snacks and of course desserts! As I sit here writing this I am already wishing that I would have been documenting my triumphs and failures along the way...but better late than never!

If anyone would like to find me on WW online you can search the user name: Bearshkin


  1. I love this, I am looking forward to reading about your progress, and trying some of your recipes, you are doing great, love mom,
    p.s. sorry about the bad example I set for you, but now I will follow you, I joined WW in May and I am now down 15.8lbs, thanks baby for getting me started. lots of luck!

  2. This looks so easy and so nice, I think that this will be my sat night date menu for James, think I could get him to try eggplant? I know he dosen't like feta cheese, could I try to sprinkle a few nuts instead?

  3. If you add nuts I would suggest pine nuts perhaps, but know that all nuts tend to be fatty and the points would definitely be affected. Try another type of fat free cheese instead?