Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Curried Shrimp over Garlic-Basil Coconut Rice

After a long weekend of eating away from home and having to tip-toe around portion selections and choices it was quite a delight to walk in from my weekly WW meeting last night to find dinner made! So while I lack cooking commentary on this one I can say that my grocery selections resulted in a point drop of 8 to 4pts per serving; I can only assume that the original creators were off? This very tasty treat comes from, "WW 101 Best Quick & Easy Recipes," and the taste is really amazing! The combination of tangy orange marmalade and spicy curry together with the coconut flavored rice makes this a wonderful treat on a hot summer night...as I mentioned the recipe dropped drastically in point value and the only noticeable difference is that sugar-free marmalade was used instead of low-sugar and when I point valued the rice for the dish I used only the information for the 2 cups that were being used instead of the whole box, which is where I think the publisher's mistake comes from? At any rate, a very good dish that you (or your loved one) should make! For just 4pts you gotta try Curried Shrimp over Garlic-Basil Coconut Rice

p.s. After last night's weigh-in, I have one pound to lose before hitting 50, I better be good this week!

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