Monday, July 19, 2010

Feel Good Sweet Potato

Last night felt like a potato night; the last potato I tried was an adaptation of a Rachael Ray dish so why not try again? This time I searched for sweet potatoes and while I could not find a stuffed recipe to my liking I did find her recipe for "Feel Good Potato Skins". So I simply left the potato intact, added all the ingredients listed and then re-stuffed into one shell rather than into skins. To make it WW friendly I used all fat free ingredients in lieu of their full fat counterparts and substituted turkey bacon for the traditional fat back. The end results were a delightful mix of sweet potato with smokey bacon, sweet paprika, fresh onion-y chives and the sharp goodness of cheddar. For only 6pts you have a great, filling meal! Better try: Feel Good Sweet Potato

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