Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mushroom Stroganoff

Again with the rainy, stormy weather here in South Texas so another night for a nice hearty meal to warm the spirit! This recipe is an adaptation from, "The Complete Guide to Traditional Jewish Cooking," for those of you that love stroganoff this is a great version that will leave you with the same satisfied feeling as its caloric Russian namesake. The rich flavors of nutty mushroom with pressed garlic, chives, onions and wine over noodles make this a delicious comfort meal for only 4pts per serving! Best try: Mushroom Stroganoff

For those of you that have been skipping dessert to save on points I thought I would share my go-to summer delight. At a whopping, mere, 2pts this dessert has the look, smell, and feel of a much naughtier treat. Simply buy pre-made angel food cake at your local grocery (make sure to check the nutritional information, most serving sizes are 100 calories or less!), top with 2tbsp of fat free whipped topping (0pts), and then heap on any fresh summer fruit that you have lying around. All this goodness for only 2pts!

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